Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance refers to liability insurance that provide an extra layer of protection and also potentially primary insurance for losses not covered by the other policies.

When an insured is liable to someone, the insured's primary insurance policies pay up to their limits, and any additional amount is paid by the umbrella policy

Motorcycle Coverage

Motorcycle insurance is a requirement. You must purchase liability protection; however, you may want to buy a comprehensive policy if you are concerned about accidents and damages to your motorcycle.

Boat Policies

Any individual who owns a boat should have a basic liability policy and coverage. Additional protection, which will help repair your boat after an accident, can also help. Purchase a plan based on your concerns and risks.

RV Insurance

A RV is very different from a car or a motorcycle. Although you must meet the state standards for basic liability coverage, you may want to address concerns related to theft and the loss of personal belongings. It can also help to purchase coverage against liability risks that are similar to the risks in a house because accidents can occur when you are not on the road.

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