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Can You Add Commercial Insurance to Existing Policies?

Commercial insurance is something that all business owners can benefit from, and with the right policy, you and your business can both be protected. Commercial policies do a great deal to help make sure that the business does not go under should something happen, and that the business owner does not foot the majority of the bill should they need to rebuild, pay employee medical bills, or replace merchandise. For those that live in the Austin, TX area, the agents with Rate Genius Insurance can help you to find the policy you need every time.

Commercial Insurance and Existing Policies

Odds are your insurance company offers commercial policies of some sort. This makes adding a commercial policy to your existing account or existing premiums easy. In many cases, all you have to do is take out an extra commercial policy with your current insurance company, and you can then pay all your premiums at once. This is going to allow you to make the most of your policies and is going to simplify paying for your insurance every month. Though you do have to have separate coverage for it to be considered a commercial policy, you do not necessarily have to have another insurance company to have a policy.

It is always best to check with your current insurance company to see if they offer a commercial policy before you seek out another company or agency to fulfill your needs. With the right commercial policy, your business can be protected from just about anything. For those in the Austin, TX, the agents of Rate Genius Insurance can help you find a policy to fit your lifestyle and needs. Contact our offices to get a quote and get started.

How Young Is Too Young for Life Insurance?

Austin, TX, is a fun town. It’s exciting, growing, and quickly becoming one of the cultural centers of America. While living in the area is full of pros, it isn’t quite magical enough for you to escape some of the mundanities of adult life. That includes contemplating insurance. Before you contact your rep at Rate Genius Insurance, you might be wondering if you really need life insurance. Let’s take a look at that question and help you build a better idea.

The Purpose

Understanding when to get life insurance begins with understanding why you should get it. It’s pretty basic. You want life insurance to offset the costs of death. It’s an unfortunate topic, but funeral costs and other issues can be expensive. Life insurance prevents that from being a burden on those you leave behind. The other primary reason to get life insurance is to provide financial assistance to anyone who depends on you. Most of the time this would be a spouse or children, but it can include a lot more. So, with those concepts in mind, let’s discuss when you should start.


The general rule of thumb (and there are exceptions) is that life insurance is cheaper the younger you are when you initiate the policy. That said, young children don’t really need a policy. After all, who are they supporting financially? Besides that, we’re ok with being optimistic about their futures.

Thinking along those lines, you might consider waiting until you are married or have kids to get started, but for many people, this might not happen until your 30s or later. It turns out that there is a mathematical sweet spot. If you start in your 20s, even though you’ll pay for a longer time, you’ll ultimately save money on your policy. If you happen to have missed the golden opportunity, it’s not too late to still save. Every year past your 20s is likely to add a little more to the premiums, and the rate accelerates with age.

Let’s simplify. If you have a steady income, you should probably have a life insurance policy. If you want to review options and make sure your policy is matched to your goals, speak with your Rate Genius Insurance representative in Austin, TX.

Can I Make Repairs Myself If I File a Home Insurance Claim?

If you have filed a homeowners insurance claim, the company may send an adjuster out to examine the damage, determine how much it will cost to repair, and then cut you a check for the difference between that and your deductible. One of the questions that we at Rate Genius Insurance, serving the greater Austin, TX area, are often asked is whether you can make the repairs yourself with the check or whether you have to hire a contractor. Here is some information you will want to know. 

What Happens Next?

Once an insurance company cuts you a check, you are free to use it how you wish. You can decide to do the work yourself, hire a contractor, or hire a family friend to complete the work for you. However, it is important to understand that if you complete the work yourself or use an unlicensed contractor. Home insurance may not cover any damage done to your home by improper repairs or repairs that are not up to code. As such, it is strongly advised that you hire a licensed contractor who has their own insurance and is familiar with local codes when you are looking to have any repairs made to your home. 

Having the right homeowner’s insurance policy in place is always important before the unexpected occurs. This helps to ensure you are properly covered and that the process will go as smoothly as possible. If you are looking to obtain a new home insurance policy, contact Rate Genius Insurance, serving the greater Austin, TX area today. We can help you find the right policy for your needs. Call us now to get started. 

Protect Your Business With A Commercial Insurance Policy

If you’ve been thinking of starting a small business, you’re going to spend a considerable sum of money upfront. An investment as essential and as money-demanding as starting a business does require a commercial insurance policy that’ll help you protect the value of your investment. Residents of Austin, TX can work with Rate Genius Insurance agents for all of their commercial insurance needs.

Commercial Insurance with No Worries

A lot of business owners can be myopic, choosing to focus on the short-term demands of the company and because of that end up ignoring the long-term issues. The only way to protect yourself and your employees from damages that can be potentially costly is to get insurance for your business. If you can locate a plan that covers all your needs, then you can focus on running the company without any additional worries.

Full Coverage

No two commercial insurance plans are the same. So, before you purchase any coverage, make sure you research all the available options to find the best fit for your business. It doesn’t matter if potential mishaps and accidents among your staff are your most significant worry, or if it is fire and storms, you can always find a commercial insurance plan that’ll account for all your fears. When you do find the right plan, the cost of it being on the high side may scare you a little, but when your company comes across a challenge, you’ll appreciate and be happy you invested.

Some commercial insurance companies only offer policies that cover specific industries. It is important to always look for insurance companies that cover your type of business. If you are a restaurant owner, for example, then you’ll want to purchase a plan from a company that works with restaurateurs.

Business owners should never underestimate the importance of commercial insurance policies. Failure to keep up with your insurance can be very costly in the long run.

Contact us

Rate Genius Insurance is available to discuss all your commercial insurance needs. For everyone who resides in Austin, TX and around the state, please reach out to our offices to learn more about how to get a quote and better protect your business.


Will my insurance prices go up if my health gets bad?

When you think about purchasing a life insurance policy from Rate Genius Insurance in Austin, TX, you want to make sure that you are getting the most protection and that you won’t have any unexpected expenses. Life insurance is a serious investment, and you need to be able to depend on it when the time comes.

When you sign up for life insurance, you have to answer a lot of questions. Many of them are about your lifestyle and your habits. For instance, you will have to tell whether you smoke or drink, and how much. Unless you signed up through an employer, you probably had to take a health exam. Then your rate will be determined by factors such as your age, weight, health, and lifestyle habits.

As long as you tell the truth during your initial application, those are the factors that will determine how your insurance cost is assessed. If you have a heart attack, stroke, or any other medical emergency, it will not count against you because you have already been approved based on your application. If you lie during your application, your insurance can refuse to pay out when you need it.

Because of this, it may be wise to purchase a comprehensive life insurance policy when you are younger. You may think that you can wait until you are older and have extra money, but if you do that you may face the risk of having developed health problems that make your life insurance more difficult to obtain.

You can compare different life policies at Rate Genius Insurance. We welcome new customers in Austin, TX and around the state. Reach out to our offices to have your questions answered and to learn more about the policies we offer.

Home Incident Statistics with Fires and Floods

If you’re deciding between purchasing home owner’s insurance and not having insurance, you should take into account the high rate that incidents in the home occur. If you think you’re saving money by not purchasing insurance, you’re not. A policy from Rate Genius Insurance, serving Austin, TX and the surrounding area, will protect your home in the event something happens. Whether you realize it or not, the chances of something happening is quite high. 


According to the U.S. Fire Administration, a division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), fires affected 1,298,000 people in 2014 alone. The financial loss associated with these fires totaled $11.6 billion for the year. A majority of fires–50.8 percent to be exact–in 2015 were caused by cooking incidents such as a grease fire. In the same year, 19.8 percent were caused by heating including furnaces and space heaters. Of the fires in this year, electrical malfunction accounted for 6.4 percent, which includes incidents caused by old wiring. Although it’s the least common cause of fires, unintentional/careless reasons attributed to 6.4 percent of fires. An example of an unintentional fire is one caused by a cigarette not being put out all the way.


First, home insurance does not typically cover floods. It is still vital to know the statistics of floods and how they affect your home. Floods can cause a substantial amount of damage to a home that could be caused by a significant storm or just an elevated amount of rainfall. Improper drainage could cause your home to flood, even in conditions when it’s not raining torrentially. Each year floods affect various regions of the U.S. In 2014, the National Weather Service reported $2,861,426,089 worth of flood damage across the U.S. In 2011, the same association stated the U.S. suffered from $9,102,294,087 worth of flood damage. 

Consider the value of your home. If one of these occurred or another type of issue arose that caused damage, could you afford the expense to repair or replace everything in your home including its structure? Contact Rate Genius Insurance, serving Austin, TX and the surrounding area, today for a homeowner’s insurance quote by calling 866-413-6768, so you’re never in the predicament where your home is damaged, and you can’t afford to fix it.

Why should you insure your business?

You have invested money, effort, and time into your business, and to allow any risks to interfere with it would be tragic. So, you have to find the means in Austin, TX, to protect it against any unforeseen risks. Your business is a large investment that guarantees your livelihood and to ignore the opportunities to protect it is irresponsible.

A commercial insurance policy ensures that you are prepared even if a risk occurs. It assures that you don’t end up using your company profits or revenue to pay for expenses that could be avoided as long as it does not go beyond the policy limits. Are you still wondering why you should insure your business? Here are a few reasons why you should acquire a commercial insurance policy from Rate Genius Insurance in Austin, TX.

Peace of mind

When it comes to getting the best out of your business, passion, concentration, and peace of mind is needed. However, you cannot have any of that when wondering if your business is going to collapse tomorrow or if a disaster is going to strike which can damage your building. You need to focus on the day to day operations without fear. Having a commercial policy can help you relax with the proper coverage in place to cover financial strains that may arise with damages and injuries.

Taking care of employees

Your employees are the greatest assets. In the day to day duties, they may receive injuries which require medical attention. With a workmen’s policy, you get to pay their medical bills without using your revenues, and in return, they get to go back to work as soon as possible.

Protection against Liability claims

As long as you are interacting with people in your day to day activities, you should be prepared for any liability claims and lawsuits. You never know who you might injure either through advertisement or your products. You may wake up one day to find out that you are being sued for defamation and slander. If you don’t have a commercial policy, you may end up using your business revenue which can lead to bankruptcy.

In conclusion, if you decide to insure your business, Rate Genius Insurance is here to guide you. Feel free to contact us to learn more about commercial insurance.

Do I Need to Tell My Spouse If I Am Taking Out Life Insurance on Them?

If you are reliant on your spouse’s income to continue to live the lifestyle you and your children have become accustomed to, it would be wise to take out a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy provides you with money to pay funeral expenses, your bills, and maintain the lifestyle you are currently used to if your loved one passes away. At Rate Genius Insurance, serving the greater Austin, TX area, we have people ask us all the time if they need to tell their spouse they are taking out a life insurance policy on them. The answer is yes and here is why.

Consent is Required

Unless you are taking out life insurance on a minor child that you are a legal guardian of, consent is required to take out a life insurance policy on someone, including a family member, friend, or even a spouse. If the person does not want you to take out a life insurance policy on them, for any reason, you will not be allowed. There are a few exceptions to this, such as when there is a court order allowing someone to have life insurance for their kids as part of a divorce agreement, but for the most part, consent is always needed. 

Physicals May Be Required

The second reason you likely can’t take out a policy without your spouse’s permission is that physicals or medical exams are often needed to get life insurance. If your spouse doesn’t agree, they may not get a physical which can impact your ability to get a policy. 

If you want to take out a life insurance policy on your spouse in the greater Austin, TX area, and your spouse consents, come to Rate Genius Insurance. We can help you determine how much life insurance you need to maintain the lifestyle you have and put together a policy that you fits your needs. Call us now to get started or to obtain a quote. 

Three Surprising Things Your Homeowner’s Insurance Covers

You most likely couldn’t have purchased your current home in Austin, TX, without homeowner’s insurance. The policy protects your most important investment by compensating you for damage or loss to the structure of your house and its contents. It also takes care of other issues in your life, which may come as a surprise. Rate Genius Insurance points out just some of the other things it covers.

Belongings Stolen Outside Your Home

You may have gone on a shopping spree and all the packages were stolen from your car, only to discover auto insurance doesn’t cover you. In another example, you may have had your pockets picked while out of your home. In both cases, homeowner’s insurance compensates you. Your policy may take care of possessions stolen outside the home even while you’re traveling abroad. Coverage is usually limited to 10 percent of the maximum amount that your policy would pay for all the contents of your home. A police report is generally needed if you want to file a claim.

Lawsuits For Incidents Outside Your Property

If your dog bites someone while you’re walking it in a park or you accidentally hurt someone during a sports competition, you may be sued for medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. Your homeowner’s insurance may include liability coverage for at least $100,000 for such contingencies. If that amount seems too low to you, given today’s more litigious society, you can easily raise it for higher premiums by talking to your agent.


Trees, flowers, and other foliage on your property are covered by your homeowner’s insurance typically up to 5 percent of your policy limit. However, they must be plants that you bought for the property. Those that were growing on your lot previously are not covered. In addition, certain types of damage may not be covered, such as wind. Taking photos of your landscaping before and after the loss is helpful.

If you need more information about what homeowner’s insurance covers in Austin, TX, please contact Rate Genius Insurance.

How Often Should you Review your Commercial Insurance Policy?

Most business owners already know and understand that having commercial insurance is important. If you’ve been in business awhile, it might be time to take a look at your coverage just to ensure your plan is still meeting your needs. Our Rate Genius Insurance Team has put together this list of things you need to know about how often to review your commercial insurance policy.

There’s No Specific Requirement in the United States on Timeframe

First of all, there’s no specific requirement as to how often you need to discuss your commercial policy with your agent. However, certain industries do require companies to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance, making it important to double check to see if you are meeting these standards periodically.

A Policy Review is More Important Than You Might Think

While some might feel that a policy review isn’t important, the truth is that it is necessary for any thriving, growing business. By making sure your insurance coverage meets the size and stature of your company, you can rest assured that you are prepared for whatever situations come up in the future.

The Verdict? Usually, Two Years Depending on Growth

Our final verdict on when you should work with your agent to review your commercial insurance policy is about every one to two years. If not much has changed in your industry or the size of your company, you will probably be just fine with the latter. If you’ve hired employees or added a new fleet of vehicles or something similar, you will want to schedule a review at renewal or even sooner.

Are you ready to review your commercial insurance policy? Rate Genius Insurance serves businesses throughout the United States with coverage to meet their needs. Contact us today for details.