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Can Auto Insurance Policies Be Personally Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Custom Fitted Insurance Policies from Rate Genius

For many people in the Austin, TX area, automobile insurance is pretty standard. After you speak with an agent you learn your premium rate and the due date. You make certain to put your insurance card in the glove compartment next to the registration card. The lengthy policy documents are put into safe keeping with your other important documents.

Generally, the only differentiation between auto coverage is whether or not you require full coverage: usually only if you have a new vehicle or you are currently making payments on your used vehicle. This is due to the funding source wanting to protect their investment to the fullest.

Liability only is the other type of insurance which basically covers the other vehicle to the fullest if you are found at fault in an accident. To the average driver, the aforementioned are the extent of their car insurance knowledge.

Some drivers require a more custom tailored insurance. This is usually due to:

  • employment in the livery field, commercial truck drivers, performance driving, etc.
  • a particular type of automobile that may require more comprehensive insurance coverage

Auto insurance can be custom tailored to fit your lifestyle. If you are completing research on your current policy or if you don’t have insurance, speaking with an agent about your particular needs is a great launching pad. Getting the correct amount and having the protection points of insurance is a phone call away. 

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Going Across State Lines and Car Insurance

The United States becomes a big open road to explore once a driver starts realizing where he or she can go with the interstates. Whether it’s the Grand Canyon, New York City, or the high deserts of New Mexico, the roads stretch out with multiple adventures and experiences. However, one thing a driver doesn’t want to experience is going somewhere long-distance without car insurance coverage. That leads to the question, what exactly happens when a car crosses a state line, especially when a car policy is written for a specific location and state? 

Fortunately, a sudden financial disaster doesn’t occur right at the political separation between one state and another. However, how one’s car insurance is written can be a little bit tricky. Most car insurance policies include the ability to go from state to state. That said, each state has minimum coverage requirements every driver has to have, whether as a resident or visitor. So if a driver starts off with a bare bones coverage policy, that could pose a problem when traveling to a state that has a higher minimum coverage requirement. Don’t let this happen to you, educate yourself before traveling.

Ideally, if one is going to be driving a lot regionally or across the United States, then a policy that is a bit more robust than the bargain basement level is advisable. The folks at Rate Genius Insurance can help, easily mapping out what differences exist between each state and what the effect would be on a given driver. Rate Genius Insurance wants to provide a policy that can be fit to the need of the driver. To find out more, give us a call to talk with an agent to find out what your insurance needs may be.