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Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

Regardless of how keen you are when running your business, things can happen. Someone can slip and fall while on your premises, and you would be forced to pay the medical bills among other expenses out of pocket. Your company can also be sued for negligence and your business premises can face negative publicity.

Fortunately, commercial insurance can offer the protection you need as long as you get the right coverage. Such a coverage protects you from burdening lawsuits and accidents that may place your business operations in jeopardy. It helps protect both your financial and physical assets. At Rate Genius Insurance, we offer different commercial coverage options to Austin, TX businesses, and we can do this for your business too.

Types of commercial insurance coverages

  • Property insurance –this policy covers your company’s building and its contents. It pays for damages and losses that may occur due to risks like fire and theft.
  • Liability insurance –this insurance plan will offer protection against injuries you may cause to third parties. For instance, if a person sues you for property damage or personal injuries, the expenses for resolving the suit will be covered by this policy.
  • Malpractice insurance –also known as professional liability insurance, this plan will pay for losses that result from injuries to third parties when the professional services you offer fall below the set safety standards of your profession.
  • Automobile insurance –a commercial automobile policy is designed to cover the truck, cars, vans, and trailers you use in the business. This coverage will provide reimbursement when your vehicles are stolen or damaged, or if your driver damages property or injures a person.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance –This insurance plan offers protection for your workers while on the job. Each company is required by law to have this policy. 

Now that you know about the various types of commercial insurance, you need to pick a reliable insurer to protect your business. Rate Genius Insurance has been serving Austin, TX residents for several years, and we can offer the protection your company needs.