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Will my insurance prices go up if my health gets bad?

When you think about purchasing a life insurance policy from Rate Genius Insurance in Austin, TX, you want to make sure that you are getting the most protection and that you won’t have any unexpected expenses. Life insurance is a serious investment, and you need to be able to depend on it when the time comes.

When you sign up for life insurance, you have to answer a lot of questions. Many of them are about your lifestyle and your habits. For instance, you will have to tell whether you smoke or drink, and how much. Unless you signed up through an employer, you probably had to take a health exam. Then your rate will be determined by factors such as your age, weight, health, and lifestyle habits.

As long as you tell the truth during your initial application, those are the factors that will determine how your insurance cost is assessed. If you have a heart attack, stroke, or any other medical emergency, it will not count against you because you have already been approved based on your application. If you lie during your application, your insurance can refuse to pay out when you need it.

Because of this, it may be wise to purchase a comprehensive life insurance policy when you are younger. You may think that you can wait until you are older and have extra money, but if you do that you may face the risk of having developed health problems that make your life insurance more difficult to obtain.

You can compare different life policies at Rate Genius Insurance. We welcome new customers in Austin, TX and around the state. Reach out to our offices to have your questions answered and to learn more about the policies we offer.