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Home Incident Statistics with Fires and Floods

If you’re deciding between purchasing home owner’s insurance and not having insurance, you should take into account the high rate that incidents in the home occur. If you think you’re saving money by not purchasing insurance, you’re not. A policy from Rate Genius Insurance, serving Austin, TX and the surrounding area, will protect your home in the event something happens. Whether you realize it or not, the chances of something happening is quite high. 


According to the U.S. Fire Administration, a division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), fires affected 1,298,000 people in 2014 alone. The financial loss associated with these fires totaled $11.6 billion for the year. A majority of fires–50.8 percent to be exact–in 2015 were caused by cooking incidents such as a grease fire. In the same year, 19.8 percent were caused by heating including furnaces and space heaters. Of the fires in this year, electrical malfunction accounted for 6.4 percent, which includes incidents caused by old wiring. Although it’s the least common cause of fires, unintentional/careless reasons attributed to 6.4 percent of fires. An example of an unintentional fire is one caused by a cigarette not being put out all the way.


First, home insurance does not typically cover floods. It is still vital to know the statistics of floods and how they affect your home. Floods can cause a substantial amount of damage to a home that could be caused by a significant storm or just an elevated amount of rainfall. Improper drainage could cause your home to flood, even in conditions when it’s not raining torrentially. Each year floods affect various regions of the U.S. In 2014, the National Weather Service reported $2,861,426,089 worth of flood damage across the U.S. In 2011, the same association stated the U.S. suffered from $9,102,294,087 worth of flood damage. 

Consider the value of your home. If one of these occurred or another type of issue arose that caused damage, could you afford the expense to repair or replace everything in your home including its structure? Contact Rate Genius Insurance, serving Austin, TX and the surrounding area, today for a homeowner’s insurance quote by calling 866-413-6768, so you’re never in the predicament where your home is damaged, and you can’t afford to fix it.