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Three Surprising Things Your Homeowner’s Insurance Covers

You most likely couldn’t have purchased your current home in Austin, TX, without homeowner’s insurance. The policy protects your most important investment by compensating you for damage or loss to the structure of your house and its contents. It also takes care of other issues in your life, which may come as a surprise. Rate Genius Insurance points out just some of the other things it covers.

Belongings Stolen Outside Your Home

You may have gone on a shopping spree and all the packages were stolen from your car, only to discover auto insurance doesn’t cover you. In another example, you may have had your pockets picked while out of your home. In both cases, homeowner’s insurance compensates you. Your policy may take care of possessions stolen outside the home even while you’re traveling abroad. Coverage is usually limited to 10 percent of the maximum amount that your policy would pay for all the contents of your home. A police report is generally needed if you want to file a claim.

Lawsuits For Incidents Outside Your Property

If your dog bites someone while you’re walking it in a park or you accidentally hurt someone during a sports competition, you may be sued for medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. Your homeowner’s insurance may include liability coverage for at least $100,000 for such contingencies. If that amount seems too low to you, given today’s more litigious society, you can easily raise it for higher premiums by talking to your agent.


Trees, flowers, and other foliage on your property are covered by your homeowner’s insurance typically up to 5 percent of your policy limit. However, they must be plants that you bought for the property. Those that were growing on your lot previously are not covered. In addition, certain types of damage may not be covered, such as wind. Taking photos of your landscaping before and after the loss is helpful.

If you need more information about what homeowner’s insurance covers in Austin, TX, please contact Rate Genius Insurance.