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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

If you have a home insurance policy, you are required to properly maintain your home. If you fail to do so and a problem arises, the insurance company may have legal ground to deny your case. However, many homeowner’s are unsure of how to properly maintain their home. Following the cold, wet, and icy winter, there are a few things around the exterior of your Austin, TX home you will want to inspect and possibly have worked on or repaired.

They include:

The Foundation of Your Home

If you notice any cracks around the base of your home, you will want to have them inspected and potentially repaired to prevent further problems with the foundation of your home in the future. If you do not do so, the cracks can spread allowing water to enter your home.

The Roof

If you do not feel comfortable doing so yourself, a roofer can inspect the roof on your behalf. Catching any damaged or missing shingles and tiles, or any other roofing problems, allow you the opportunity to fix the problem before the next rainfall. Water can enter your home and cause a leak if your roof is not maintained.

Your Windows

Always inspect the caulking around your windows and look for signs of water damage. If you notice any signs of water damage around the windows, they may need to be re-caulked or you may need to have new windows installed. You can lose a great deal of energy through old windows and moisture damage can occur to your structural wall supports if water seeps in.

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